Into the road, perception of life -- the Zhongke Derun emblem Hang Road on foot two day tour
Author: ÷–Ņ∆Ķ¬»ů°°From: Zhongke Derun°°Adddate: 2014-9-30

Hiking is not only a healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel, but also a close to nature, to ease the pressure of a good campaign. To enable employees to relax, pleasure, appreciate nature, perception of nature, September 21, the company organized by the Deputy Chief General Cao led a two-day staff Huihang hiking trail, so that people can enjoy the outdoors not the same experience the joy of hiking, harvest.

Early in the morning, we came to the starting point on foot - "Jiangnan first hurdle." After a brief break the ice ceremony, divided into two teams - the Dragons, Tigers.

The picture shows members of the Dragons with their hands in the shape of the composition of the dragon, a swing up and down, like a cloud dragon.

Players complete "we are the best team," the expansion project at the celebration.

We have been working in the city, it is still struggling to walk, had wanted to stop Xiaoxie, had wanted to sit on the floor, but in between colleagues help and encourage each other, the way we move forward. Suddenly find that we have entered the mountains, looked back, we not only gain a beauty.

Come halfway up the mountain, we decided to do a short rest, I did not forget the rest of the entertainment. The picture shows the players in the game of mutual encouragement.

The next day, we cross the winding gravel road, climb the peak, the peak arrival Huihang Road "blue sky concave", after two days of the trek, and finally to Lin'an, Zhejiang Kawamura.

The picture shows the staff posed for pictures at the end of the trail.

More than 20 kilometers away, we are done! At first, it is difficult to imagine that we can stick with it. Among these there is sweat, there are hardships, but the scenery is so natural pure, breathtaking scenery seems to us modulation with an appetizer general, people forget.

This expansion not only deepen friendship among colleagues; enriched personal life experience; the company also has a melting fighting team laid a good foundation. Merchants history created, we will uphold the power of ideas and advancing Merchants humanistic spirit to cast DELHI new glories.

Science tips: Huihang Road west of Huizhou and County Fu Zhen, east Zhejiang Lin'an City, Ma Xiao Township, a total length of 25 km. This trail is the "Silk Road", "Tea-Horse Road" after the famous Chinese Third Road, is the ancient Huizhou and Hangzhou contact important link. Who is also generations of Huizhou against trafficking salt, tea, sundries such as a full business weathered the road.